stuck in the cave

HELP!!!! I scream at the top of my lungs I was hanging on for dear life the rocks were crumbling and breaking off the edge I new it was a bad idea to go exploring for money or gold because we are poor I say in my head as I gasp for air why did the cave lead me in to the end of my life why? Just then I heard a strange noise coming from the entrance of the cave it was dad and luna.Lunas my dog she must had followed my sent because luna is a really good sniffer dog I’m saved thanks dad now lets get out of hear and we got out and then went home. Im happy about that.

the dogs name.

’ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite.’ Wait what why I said because its my dog said Eclipse  umm that’s weird very weird everyone thought it was your cousin which so it is a bit awkward because of that and so we need to start telling people its your dogs name. I said well its not that easy  said Eclipse it kinda is lets go to school and tell every one that your cousin is not your dog I said yeah that might actually work I said lets do it but we have to go to school and get up super early lets do it and so we did and it worked.

I am Embarrassed


Dear Diary,

I was so embarrassed because I put on a odd costume at school. My dog Rusty he was in my dress up cupboard and he go a Princess Costume but I did’t remember putting it on. So my dog chased me all around the house and to school. I run in the school think I had normal clothes but I did’t. My teacher Miss Renderer said” Why are you in a princess Ella’’ oh I don’t know.  Then my class came in and laughed At me I felt funny, embarrassed. I cried my eyes out.

I went home and I took the costume off.  Now I Feel better.


I just arrived at the barn and I was getting my lead rope and head collar. I was walking into the paddock to get Trigger, he ran straight to me. I put his head collar on and was walking him into the barn. I went to get treats, came back and my horse’s bridle was on.  I didn’t remember putting it on him. I forgot about it and finished tacking him up. Nothing else strange has happened since that happened. Is my horse magic or am I just crazy…..or a ghost. My parents denied that quickly. Was someone else there?

The weird place

Dear diary,

A few days ago I lost my reindeer head band in the weirdest place you could even think of. So I was running around my house playing tag with my younger sister. While I was playing with her it fell off and I put it back on. Then a few hours later I thought I left  it there.  So I started yelling and saying WHERE IS MY HEAD BAND!!. Then my mum came to me and said it is on your head and then I remembered that I put it there. I said oh yeah I remember now, thank you mu

Sleep walking

YES! I got a new shirt but I wasn’t allowed to use it because I usually get all my clothes really dirty.

I sleepwalk when I go to bed but I always remember everything when I wake up.  My mum was really mad because apparently I wore my shirt when I went to sleep but I don’t remember anything, which is weird. I didn’t remember putting it on, maybe I’ve grown out of it but of course my mum thought it was an excuse. I realised I didn’t dirty it so I’m not in trouble.


Who.  Dr bad

Place.  country rode

What. House break

When.  10:10 pm.

Spy. Hop spy 747


I was in the bath when I got the call.  So I jumped out of the bath and I put my pj’s on.  I ran to the country  road.   I stopped Dr Bad, but then I needed to quit my job because I did not put my disguises on.  So I was no longer Hop Spy 747, I was just Hop Franklin.  But luckily Dr Bad had already escaped to North Country Road, so I got to keep my job, over and out.

I forgot

I forgot


Today we are going to mount tiger. It is the tallest mountain in the world. It is 11111111km high. I can’t wait any longer. It was very cold up there so we had to wear neck warmers and long pants. We got to the bottom of the mountain and there was a really big line up at the entrance. It took 4 hours to climb the mountain. When I got to the top mum asked me if I  brought my scarf and I said I can’t remember putting it on. Mum was really mad at me for forgetting my scarf.


Today I went to the kitchen and I found a letter for me.  It said dear sweetest Abigail I have very little time.  When you read this I would of already gone on the mission and a bomb is hidden somewhere in the house.  You must find it and disable it before it goes off.  You have already activated it when you were a baby.  Good luck FROM YOUR MOTHER.  I didn’t remember putting it on WHEN I WAS A BABY. OH I THINK I REMEMBER WHERE IT IS, IN MUM’S SAFE, WHAT IS THE CODE AGAIN? OH YER, 12649 THE BOMB DONE. SAVED THE HOUSE.

My presentation

My day has finally come. I get to present my robot. I was looking for it in the basement, kitchen and my bedroom. It wasn’t anywhere. I was thinking that I was going to be late for school then I found it. Underneath the stairs where my secret door was. I didn’t remember putting it on the box underneath the stairs. I went to do my presentation and I told them that I hadn’t named it so we came up with the name the Mudskipper 3015. They watched it in amazement as the robotic mudskipper jumped around. My parents were very proud of me and I got an A+.