One Of A Kind Zebra

Today is the day I get to see a crazy zebra and it is one of a kind. We are here I cant wait to see the one of a kind zebra. We found it , it was made from rubber and striped face and a frozen tail. It is beautiful I said aloud. Lets go to the café , I am exited to go to the café because they serve caramel tarts and flavoured water.

“Time to go home” mum yelled.

“ok” I yelled back.

Vroom beep beep. We are home , time to sit back and relax on the couch and have a sleep.

One thought on “One Of A Kind Zebra

  1. Hello! It was an eventful day so a good rest at the end of it was probably a good idea. It was interesting how you used some of the challenge words to describe the zebra. I think I might have liked to know more about the zebra but I did like how you showed you were doing lots of things in quick succession of each other. Well done.

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